Joopie and Conny (1935-1941)

Joopie & Conny in the Dutch East Indies 1935-1941

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June 24,

Joopie and Conny become engaged

Johan Albert Rusche (age 31)  and Constance Anna Herrebrugh (age 24) are engaged.

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May 7 1938
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Opa Albert Rusche’s brother Willem Rusche
 passes away in Solo04 Grafnummer – 62-3-0470, 03 Begraafplaats – De Nieuwe Ooster

A. N. I. P. Aneta (a telegraph company) signals to us that yesterday in Solo the great funeral of the well-known hotelier Mr. W. Rusche took place with great interest.

Dutch East Indies in HD Color 1938-1939

April 10,

Wedding of Johan and Conny

Johan Albert Rusche (age 34) marries Constance Anna Herrebrugh (age 27) in Batavia, now known as Central Jakarta.

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They were soon drawn into World War II…