My Rusche Family

   Welcome to the new website, chronicling the family history of myself Art Rusche, the author of this website. My parents, Johan Rusche and Conny Rusche (born Herrebrugh) were Netherlands Nationals, both born in the Dutch East Indies, now known as Indonesia.

 My dad, Johan was born in 1907 in Solo (Soerakarta) and my mother Conny was born in 1914 in Banda Aceh, Northern Sumatra.  Most of their early years were spent in the West and Central parts of the island of Java, the stronghold of the Dutch occupancy. In 1941, my parents were married in Batavia, now known as Central Jakarta.

They were drawn into the early stages of World War II as the Empire of Japan advanced in their Dutch East Indies campaign (1941-42).


Johan was in a Japanese Interment camp throughout WWII (1942-45) and soon before WWII was over, Indonesia reclaimed their independence from The Netherlands. 

1943 – Japanese Internment Camp record

My sister Joyce was born in Bandung. As the drive for Indonesian independence and the violence increased toward the former occupiers, the family had to flee for refugee back to The Netherlands in 1950.

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