Joyce Margiert


Joyce's birth and early years in Indonesia


After World War II ended The Dutch had just lost their colony of The Dutch East Indies

Our dad, Johan was released from the Japanese POW camps in November 1945 and Conny and her mother Anna Minke Herrebrugh were release from the Japanese Civilian camps.

Reunited, Johan, Conny and Anna Minke moved to Bandung in Central Java. which was also a Dutch stronghold. 

In November of 1946, Conny becomes pregnant and gives birth in July 1947 to Joyce Margeriet Rusche in Bandung.


July 11th, 1947  birth of Joyce Margeriet Rusche  in Bandung 



The city of Bandung is 2,520 ft above sea level and is surrounded by up to 7,874 ft high volcanic terrain. The central Bandung plain is situated in the middle of the Bandung Basin. The truncated flat-peak shape of the Tangkuban Perahu volcano can be seen from the city. Due to its geological condition, the land is very fertile, the Parahyangan Mountains surrounding Bandung supports productive tea plantations which create a beautiful and tranquil panorama. Due to its elevation, the climate in Bandung is cooler than most Indonesian cities and can be classified as humid; the average temperature is 74.5 °F throughout the year. The average annual rainfall ranges from 39.2 inches in the central and southeast regions to 140 inches in the north of the city. The wet season conforms with other Indonesian regions, around November to April.

Conflict in Bandung

After Indonesian independence in 1945, Bandung was designated as the capital of West Java province. During the Indonesian National Revolution, some of the most massive battles occurred in and around Bandung. Dutch troops were virtually absent in Java at the end of World War II. To assist the restoration of Dutch sovereignty, the British took a military hold on Java’s major cities, and the British military commander set an ultimatum for the Indonesian combatants in Bandung to leave the city. In response, on 24 March 1946, much of the southern part of Bandung was deliberately set alight as the combatants left; an event known as Bandung Lautan Api or the ‘Bandung Sea of Fire‘.[21]

July 11th, 1947  birth of Joyce Margeriet Rusche  in Bandung 


The Netherlands recognizes the Indonesian state.

After the Den Haag Conference in 1949, the Dutch had to leave Indonesia. This conference resulted in a change of Indonesia into a federal country that contained some autonomous states.

The family flees on refugee boat for refuge back to The Netherlands.

Exodus of Indonesia to Den Haag, The Netherlands

The family fled in exile as Dutch National Refugees to the Netherlands in 1950 for 11 years

Joyce was three years old at the time. They took a refugee boat.

She attended kindergarten up to eighth grade.

She liked to

Her friends were

Her favorite music

Favorite memories motorcycle and ice


Immigration to the United States of America.

Olympia, Washington

In February 1961 the family immigrated to the United States of America.

Joyce attended Jefferson Junior High School in Olympia.

Her favorite activities/classes/music/friends were

She attended Olympia High School from 1964-1966

Her cars:

worked at Kornmesser Optometry

Joyce went on to collegiate studies at Centralia Community Collage

and Western Washington State College in Bellingham, Washington

Met Russ Chester

Had Tanya M Chester, January 20, 1968


January 20th, 1968 birth of Tanya Marisa Chester in Bellingham, Washington


Las Vegas, Nevada


Moved to Las Vegas in 1971

Had Ryan J Chester, July 27th, 1971

Sandy Point


University of Washington 1973


Real Estate

Jerry Woodard


July 27th, 1971 in Las Vegas Nevada


Olympia, Washington

Redmond, Washington



1990 – 1999 Inn at The Market, Seattle
General Manager

1999 – 2003 Worked at Vulcan LLC for Paul Allen

2017 Travel

Volunteer Work

Cerificates  Awards



Favorite Artists








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